I Want To Play Every Shade Of A Character To Explore My Acting Skills

Today I, Vatsal Verma, feeling very lucky that I got a chance with most talented, emerging, pretty and charming actress, Mridula Mahajan. Apart from mainstream films, She also worked in several shorts films like Untold Love and Alvida-Love Beyond Life in 2018. Following Next year, Mridula made her bollywood debut with the movie Tank Cleaner. Same year she did short punjabi movie Bedard.

How do you spend time in this Covid 19 worldwide pandemic?

Reading my fav novels and books. Spending time with my family and my dog.

When did you first perform?

I acted in a play and performed Sita's character in 2012 which was cherished by many audience.

What was the biggest challenge about taking on the role in Gandi Baat web series?

My biggest challenge was that will I be able to portray exactly what this series and my character wants to show it out to the society. My upbringing has been in  a middle class Indian society, it was challenging to portray (character name daal de). As an actress I want to play every shade of a character to explore my acting skills. Happily Gandi Baat turned out to be a huge success, people appreciated it very much  and my work got much appreciation.

Do you like something other than acting?

Dance and spending time with my family and friends.

What is your personal favorite performance?

I have played many characters - A pregnant woman, A lovable girlfriend,Negative Shades and many more . My personal fav is a character from the play 'Ji jaisi aapki marzi' written by Nadira Babbar Ma'am and directed by Neetu Sharma. I played the role of an eleven year old girl and got standing ovation for my performance.

“Can you tell me one favorite humorous story from your acting career?”

Well there are many I found out that some journalist wrote that I charge 5 cr per project. I also find it funny when I read about me being linked to my Co actors. But I think all these rumours are part of this feild and they don't affect at all infact gives me a big laugh.

Who is your favorite actor?

Shabana Azmi Ma'am , Naseeruddin shah Sir

What's your future pojects right now?

I am working on a web series 'Gangs of India'.And there are 2-3 more projects that are lined up which I won't be able to disclose now. My fans are going to see me in completely different characters and I am pretty sure  I will entertain them even more.

A very imaginary question i want to put. if u got time travel machine and condition that u will not be able to come back present. In which time u want to go? present or future ?

This is a different question. But even if I am given a chance I would not prefer using time machine because I enjoy living in the present. I am not interested in looking at past, things once gone are gone and I think I can see my future, if I plan my present accordingly.

To see current scenario of Government and media, i think media is very bias these days and playing very silly role. They all are indulge in Kangana, Sushant, Riya and Deepika but they are not showing real problems of India a little bit like downfall of economy, unemployment, farmers and many more. What’s you view about this??

Media plays an important role in our lives. With the help of media people get to know about the real world problems. It is a huge responsibility and it is important for media to be unbiased and show the truth behind things. We believe in what we see so media should  be open about lot of other problems that our country is facing. So yes media should focus more on problems like GDP , Unemployment , farmers and many more important news.

In very short please tell something about your life?

My life is very sorted. I have a beautiful family who supports me in my every decision. Specially my dad. Whatever i am today is only because of him.I have only one passion in my life and that is Acting.I want people to remember my name and my work. I want to be an actress not heroine. I want to thank my family. I believe if your family supports you, you can achieve anything in your life.

I also want to thank my girl gang my best friends who supports me in my every ups and downs.They are my backbone.

Thankyou - Prabhjot, Shivani, Simran, Neelam, Mamta,Priyanka and Partiksha.

One last question, i think your mostly viewers want to know, have you found your soulmate or prince charming of your future life?

Not yet.I believe that you have to be mentally prepared for a committed relationship. And right now i am focused on my career to fulfill my parent's dreams