Meet Shubham Yadav and the National Nationalist Party of India

Shubham Yadav is a new entrant in National level politics of India where caste defines the dynamics and thus the outcome. He announced his entry into politics with an ad blitz in almost all newspapers published from Uttar Pradesh. The advertisement featured her with a caption 'Uttar Pradesh deserves better, and better is possible'. The young boy has promised to turn India into Europe soon. Shubham Yadav has been touring villages and meeting locals in Kannauj and Kanpur lok sabha for the past many months with an aim to establish a connect with people and also gauge their mood. According to Shubham Yadav, his National Nationalist Party of India has been registered by the Election Commission of India. Shubham has announced that he will give tickets to well-educated people after passing interview rounds by political council secretary panels.

Shubham Yadav's vision to bring a change in India's politics has garnered considerable support from the youth across the state. Can she manage to transform the popular support

into some kind of electoral success? Upcoming Parliament election will have the answer.

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